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birth     the citruses...neroli, pink grapefruit, blood orange

breath     the green notes...fig, grass,  sage, mint

north     the florals...tuberose, jasmine, rose, geranium

known    the woods...pinon pine, ho wood, cedar, ood

found      the spice trade...ginger, cinnamon, clove, peppercorn

ideas is a fragrance born from an exhibit in 2016 at somarts in san francisco,

california in collaboration with illustrator and painter owen brown and poet emily wolahan,

exploring the concept of ideasthesia.

“how do ideas feel?” this is the question driving danko nikolic, the neuroscientist famous for theorizing “ideasthesia” - the notion that thoughts and sensations are interconnected and interdependent - sights, sounds, and smells are not simply interpreted by the brain;

rather, the ways in which we experience these stimuli are informed by our understanding of the world. Examples of ideasthesia are jimi hendrix rumored to have seen the color purple 

when hearing the opening chord of his most famous song, vincent van gogh who saw the sound of violins, pianos, and organs in the brushstrokes of his contemporaries; and charles beaudelaire who inspired a generation of poets by exalting the interplay of "perfumes, sounds and colors" as a mystical experience in his iconic poem correspondences.

mikmoi created five accord perfumes and blended them in equal parts to create Ideas a sixth fragrance that stands on its own to embody ideasthesia.

Ideas  birth, breath, north, known and found

50mL spray $108.        5mL mini $30.

eau de parfum concentration.

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