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resins handcrafted in

liqueurs of centuries

an aperitif soit digestif?                                 

a spicy embrace ignites the chase

through forest ramble's reward

a pocketful of hazelnuts

born on a mountain-side recline on the incline

pipe tobacco on an herbal carpet ride

spice road day-dreams full of romantic feasts

future perfect future past

notes: bitters, tobacco leaf, clove 




a fresh start, shedding old

rejoicing new

present will be

notes: neroli and fig


zenergy, meditation

tender buds freshen

dew unto you

notes: green tea, cedar, mint




church bells ring as the

incense is lit, stone floors

echo a runway

notes: frankincense, leather, myrrh



deconstructed floral white trees

earthen grounding

mystify ~ simplify

notes: geranium, ginseng, birch




beauty in classics, forbidden

desire ~ temptation and allure

spirits link

notes: rose and leather

sensuous oils

in natural vegan glycerine

non gmo

alcohol free


long lasting

suitable for hair and skin anywhere.

50mL spray $78.       

100mL spray $128.

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