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twists and turns 

a mystery thriller

a finger prick

a stumble into a

blackberry bush dichotomy

yin and yang

fresh and light

dark and opulent

classic cologne and contemporary oud

ooze masculine divergence

notes: lavender flower, oud - launch 12.05.17

knight of flowers  

a stargazer too must dream

when he does, sweet depths and breaths part

reflecting fantasies young and old

honor protected in a bracing floral grace

shielded allure of evening jasmine

reveals a fleur de lys heart

west Indian roots harken tales of

irreprehensible buccaneers

with foils of exotic spice

where bay rhum intoxicates

and slays with a splash.


notes: stargazer lily, bay rhum, civet


it's the journey

not the destination

embarking on a quest

showered in petitgrain sur fleur and pink peppercorn
hallmarks of spring’s rebirth

magnolia and apricot

fuel a traveling anticipation
anointment by a sacred violet quartet

cedar dreams, tobacco intentions

sage clears the way for sweetgrass to entertain

the efficacious iris flags link ports

on rainbow's transit pass

notes: sweetgrass, petitgrain, cedar, tobacco leaf, sage


resins handcrafted in

liqueurs of centuries

an aperitif soit digestif?                                 

a spicy embrace ignites the chase

through forest ramble's reward

a pocketful of hazelnuts

born on a mountain-side recline on the incline

pipe tobacco on an herbal carpet ride

spice road day-dreams full of romantic feasts

future perfect future past

notes: bitters, tobacco leaf, clove 

lingua franca

a shared language

    communicating possibilities

native tongues arise across ports

    lashing shores of every continent

windward cultures curious

    anticipation weaves

ships trade and pass

    discoveries hosted from stern to bow

notes: antique lemongrass, allspice, palo santo, ood

rococoa doux


ganache cocoa richness

sifted in a tuberose haze

moss tendrils reach

pulling geranium hearts

under the share of

hazelnut tree

notes: cocoa, tuberose, oakmoss, geranium, hazelnut

(rococoa sec includes leather in lieu of hazelnut)


seeing the wood from the trees

trees from the wood

a tribute to self discovery and inner beauty

a heart of pink lotus

blooms a peony tree

strength of pemou wood marries

floral fragility

a meandering journey

with precious oud sagely guarding the elusive path

notes: white cedar, peony, pink lotus



aquamarine bays recline across the andaman sea

a breeze whispers a seductive tuberose promise

long thai ginger afternoons

meet the bonfire's vanity

an invitation to join in the laughter

letting young coconut juices flow

notes: tuberose, thai ginger, young coconut


of bowlers and british isles

the green carnation

homage to the discreet boutonnière

sporting oscar's wilde kindred spirit

wit and wisdom

absinthe envelops

a classic carnation soliflore

aged patchouli

a bespoke savile row flair

notes: absinthe, carnation, aged patchouli


when lillet touches the lips

the appetite is stimulated

a first encounter

a falling fig leaf

and a budding baccara rose

smooth suede unfolding into a ritual base

prompting reflection

before amber windows

whet the appetite

for more

notes: lillet, suede, rose, frankincense and myrrh

50mL spray $108.        


5mL mini splash $30.

eau de parfum concentration

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