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Vesper     ヴェスパー     聖潔的晚禱鐘     Eau de Parfum 50ml
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Hammer Museum Los Angeles May 7&8 AIX Exhibit
April 25, 2016

Ideasthesia:Journey will explore the notion that words and sensations are interconnected and the way we give voice to our senses is informed by our understanding of the physical and spiritual world. MIKMOI drew inspiration from traditional aromatic ingredients used by shamans for the...

Alcohol Free Eau de Pelo ~ Hair Perfume Collection Review
February 26, 2016

Thrilled to share this video, so much fun with amazing talent and guest appearances. Please check out and like Looking, Feeling, Smelling Great! Or you can check the interview video by clicking Here.

Ideas (Ideasthesia)
September 19, 2015

Ideas is a fragrance born from an exhibit at SOMArts in San Francisco in collaboration with Illustrator and Painter Owen Brown and Poet Emily Wolahan exploring the concept of Ideasthesia. “How do ideas feel?” This is the question driving Danko...

Isle of Skye - New Fragrance Launch
December 14, 2014

The award winning niche fragrance house MIKMOI San Francisco has released The Isle of Skye, a new unisex fragrance for men and women. Inspired by a tale of a Viking Prince and a Scottish Maiden and the aromatics of smoky...